Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow DashEdit

Rainbow Dash is mean, annoying, disgusting, ignorant, and evil. Plus other words used as insults. She is BasedWorldExpertAce51240's least favorite character in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He calls her a whore because for some reason, Lauren Faust decided to whore a character out, and that character was Rainbow Dash. They whored her out in every episode, until she came Hasbro's cash cow. Despite being mean, disgusting, and stupid, she gets a lot of fame from a huge number of ignorant people online. If you talk dirty about Rainbow Dash, you will get bashed, because those Broies can not respect anyone's opinion.

Generation 5Edit

BasedWorldExpertAce51240 hopes that all the Pegasi, including Rainbow Dash, are removed from the series, in Generation 5. Despite Generation 3 getting bashed like it was created by Satan, it was still better than Generation 4, because in Generation 3, Rainbow Dash was nice, and the Pegasuses are not controversial. In Generation 4, Rainbow Dash is mean, and the Pegasuses are extremely controversial. The Bronies have never opened their eyes yet. They have never realized what they were doing was wrong. They say Rainbow Dash has swag, but she doesn't because she's just a cartoon character. Rainbow Dash is a whore who needs to be locked up. Wait. Locked up? No. She needs to be killed before she can cause anymore mischief and trouble. Rainbow Dash is a demon who is possessing people into worshipping her.


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