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Crimson Punch

Crimson Punch is a 14 year old girl who was born on August, 24th, 1990, in Berkley, West Uncle Phil Ribeiro, Realm #3. She spent her first years from 1990 to 1996 playing her Play Station and Playstation 2 and watching Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. In 1997, Crimson Punch discovered Proxy Tube. Proxy Tube is what YouTube is called in The Based World. The videos she encountered stole her childhood innocence, and was elected as mayor and secretary of Berkley, West Uncle Phil Ribeiro, Realm #3. Since 1997, Crimson Punch was calling out every bad thing that happened in the Based World.

October, 10th, 2000Edit

Crimson Punch started a war with the Ponies. In The Based World, Ponies are types of demons.

July, 1st, 2001Edit

Crimson Punch was hiring a team of her community to bootleg TLC_5, where Doctor was fired for going crazy and killing his son, Randall. When it was released, Crimson Punch was angry at the awaiting fifth sequel to The TLC_SERIES, and TLC_5 was taken down from Proxy Tube and Proxy Grounds and The TLC_SERIES was immediately cancelled.

September, 2nd, 2001Edit

Infinity Dummy V8 aired a TV show called, Hviezda Videohry nehnuteľný Televízia Vetranie. They hired a bunch of furries from their coperation to act out to make a fake reality show to promote their hatred for Starfox 643D, based on Jersey Shore, which was banned from Realms #1, #2, #3, and #6. The show contained a lot of graphic activity such as violence, sex, cussing, and other graphic material. The show was banned from Realm #2 and Realm #3, after the first episode was aired, 51,240 people (mostly Starfox fans) developed a strong hatred for Starfox, and every time Starfox is mentioned, they go crazy. Crimson Punch locked them up in her mental institution. They were all released in September, 9th, 2001. After that, everything went back to normal.

December, 15th, 2001Edit

P.O.T.T.A.P. (Parodies Of The Terrorism Act Promotion) was guilty for uploading the worst video to Proxy Tube. The Video was called, Сірі Аргумент. The video was so graphic that the only people who worked on the video were all executed, and Proxy Tube was banned In parts of Realm #2 and Realm #3. The 210,675,560 people who watched the video commited suicide in many graphic ways, like smashing their celluar phone into peices, slitting their wrists with the shards, and writing "Don't drag me into this." on the nearest wall or floor. The video was taken down that same day. Everybody who tries to remake or parody the video and uploads it to Proxy Tube will have their video taken down immediately.

March, 23, 2002Edit

Infinity Dummy V9 uploaded a video to Proxy Tube called, tulák Môže zbohatnúť cez meny. The video was made to cancel their series for the death of the claimer of the throne of Berkley, West Uncle Phil Ribeiro, Realm #3. The video is where Očné Pán nekonečno throws out his friend, Ťažné hniesť nekonečno, because he thought that Ťažné was throwing him out because he now hates him, but actually, Ťažné threw him out because he was very stressed about the claimer's death. Ťažné comes back with a lot of money. Očné tries to let him in but there are voices in his head telling him to leave. After 5 seconds, Očné and Ťažné lose control and break up over currency, and Očné starts crying about it. Ťažné makes friends with a corpse, recieving money from everyone who passes by. The original ending is where Očné tries to apologize to Ťažné, but Ťažné proceeds to stab Očné repeatively for over a minute. Then Ťažné slits his wrists and bleeds to death. Crimson Punch was mad at Prečo Sme jeden for uploading the video and the video was banned from Realm #3. In the other Realms, the ending was altered and Ťažné realizes he isn't bald after all, and he and Očné become friends again.

Crimson PunchEdit

Crimson Punch lives in an abandoned Red Roof Inn with all of her 123,451 family members. She hasn't recovered until December of 2003, when she finally looked at her Realm and said there was something wrong. She warns her community about the dangers of the real Realm and The Internet.

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