What BasedWorldExpertAce51240 Looks Like In Real Life!


Formally known as BazolSingades71205, BasedWorldExpertAce51240 is the creator of Crimson Punch. He was born on August, 24th, 2000, and has the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome. He grew up in a small house in Castro Valley, California, and did almost to nothing. Because of his disabillities, he had a lot of friends, but he couldn't play with them because he didn't live in a big neighborhood. He had a big backyard that he always played in with his family. There were fruit and berry trees in his backyard. He always picked off plums and other kinds of fruit and berries from the trees. When he was not playing in his back yard. He was watching Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network or playing video games. His dad bought him a Play Station. He didn't have any games, but he still enjoyesd it. In 2005, his dad bought him a Play Station 2. That Play Station 2 was a big part of BaseWorldExpertAce51240's life. He owned a lot of games. Most of them were car racing games, because his brother loved cars back in 2005, and he still does today. He first lost his childhood innocence in 2007, the year he discovered YouTube. The videos he saw on YouTube were graphic and were too extreme for his age. When he was 8, he stopped watching YouTube. His life was getting better until the second time he lost his chilldhood innocence in the Summer of 2010. He started watching YouTube again, and because he was older, he started to understand more about the videos, which made them more graphic. He was in the wrong place, because he first started going through puberty at that time, and his fourth grade class was irritating him. Over the years he got angrier and angrier, until December of 2013 when he realized all the bad things he was doing. He decided that he could not take certain things anymore, and started taking a stand against all these things he hated. He created a character to represent himself, her name was Crimson Punch. His first video was a one hour rant on My Little Pony and its fans, but the video was never uploaded and was never shown to anyone. His family thinks he is being negative, but the reason why he makes these videos is because he has had enough and he is taking a stand against all of the things he hates.

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